The Winter List 2017: Final Tally


Happy spring!  I can’t believe this winter is over – it was a short and mild one.  We only had one dusting of snow here in northern Virginia – the couple of times that we actually saw snow, we had to travel to New York for it.  There was that crazy weekend when the temperatures almost hit eighty degrees, and the flowering trees had started to burst into bloom by mid-February.  (Note to self: buy Claritin early and often this year.)  I’ll feel guilty about climate change if they’re all like this, but after three really miserable, frigid winters in Buffalo, this nice mild one felt amazing.  (My sister-in-law’s boyfriend told me recently that they had a mild winter in Buffalo, too, this year.  I have no doubt that if we had stayed there, the winter would have been just as ridiculously horrible as the past three years have been, so clearly the mild weather was because we moved.  You’re welcome, Buffalo!)  Anyway, before we move on to spring, I have to close out the season by going through my winter to-do list and checking off the few items we actually completed.

  • Get in a winter hike or two when the weather is mild enough for the kiddos in their backpacks.  Done!  As part of our twelve months’ hiking project, we made it to Great Falls in January, and to Lake Accotink in February.
  • Whittle down my library stack.  Hahahahahahahaha.  No.  I did not do this.
  • Drink lots of tea!  Done!  I always do.  This year I’ve discovered that several of my co-workers are also tea people, and we have been sharing amongst our desk stashes and chatting about favorite producers – such fun.
  • Finish unpacking the bedroom and dining room, and once there are no boxes left in the living spaces, start tackling the basement.  I did get the dining room unpacked, but the bedroom is still tragic.  Every weekend I say that I’m going to tackle the bedroom, and every weekend I end up at the computer, working, instead.  But I’ve set a firm deadline.  We have a houseguest coming in a couple of months, and this is someone who is going to expect a tour of every inch of the house.  So the bedroom has to be whipped into shape before then.
  • Spend some time in Barchester – both Trollope’s and Thirkell’s versions.  Calling this partially done, because I did read Thirkell’s Pomfret Towers last month.  When the library stack is more manageable, Barchester Towers is calling my name.
  • Run the Pacers First Down 5K and Combine (preferably trained).  I wasn’t trained, but I did run it on Superbowl Sunday – and my mom ran, too!  That was a lot of fun – although it would have been more fun if I had been better prepared.  This is a lesson I keep learning the hard way.  When’s it going to stick?
  • Finish my 2016 family yearbook and order it when there’s a 50% off sale, then get started on other family yearbooks.  Done!  I completed the 2016 yearbook and then spent a few weeks making a family yearbook covering the years 2005-07 (our first two years of marriage).  I was able to order both at 50% off – woohoo!  I love having these yearbooks to flip through; my stack of Shutterfly books is really growing, but they’re so worth the time and expense in making them, and the space they take up.  They’re absolutely priceless to me.
  • Plan and book summer 2017 travel.  Haven’t quite accomplished this yet.  We have decided on our destinations and picked dates, but we haven’t booked tickets or lodging, nor have we planned out the smaller components of the trip (booking excursions for one trip; purchasing our equipment (!!!) for another).  We have a couple of family vacation-planning meetings on the agenda for the next few weeks, and I’m hoping that we will get everything booked soon.
  • Light candles often.  Not often enough.
  • Take the kids to Wegmans Wonderplace at the American History Museum.  Didn’t do this.  I was saving it for a nasty, cold weekend day – and we haven’t had many of those.  Weekends have seen us hitting the trails or the zoo, or going out of town, instead.  Perhaps this spring if we have a rainy Saturday to kill, we can make this happen.


Well, looking over that list, I didn’t get much done.  Other than the hikes and the one race I had on the calendar, most of that list is sadly lacking in strikethroughs.  That’s mostly a testament to how busy this winter was.  In February, I could barely keep my head above water at work, and we had houseguests and spent a weekend traveling out of town.  March is another busy one.  I had Nugget’s birthday party to plan and throw (last weekend), and coming up I have a meeting with Peanut’s school about next year, a few big projects coming down the pipeline at work, the bedroom to unpack, and all the regular business of life.  Every season is a “busy season” right now… but I’m treading water and somehow getting though (I think, most days).  On Friday, I’ll have my spring list – I don’t expect to actually accomplish any more of it than I did with the winter list, but hey, hope springs eternal.

Did you make a winter to-do list?  How’d you do?


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