12 Months of Trails: First Landing State Park (June 2017)

June has been two things: (1) busy, and (2) HOT.  Because it’s been a busy month, we haven’t had much spare time.  Because it’s been a scorcher, we’ve spent what spare time we have had at the pool and the splash pad.  It’s been nice, but I started to get a little concerned when I looked at the calendar and realized that we had exactly one weekend left in June, and that weekend was the one we were planning to spend on Virginia Beach.  Fortunately, Rebecca lives just a short walk from one of the entrances to First Landing State Park.  I knew we’d be spending time at the park, since that’s where we go to the beach when we visit Rebecca – much nicer to walk to a small local beach than to load up the car and fight the crowds on Virginia Beach proper.  So I requested that in addition to our regular beaching scene, we add in some time to explore the trails at First Landing.  Rebecca was glad to oblige.

The result was that I had two different hiking buddies!  Rebecca and I snuck off while the kiddos were napping and Steve was working on Sunday afternoon.  Brandy the dog came too, so it was an all-girls hiking expedition.

There is a surprisingly large trail network at First Landing.  I have no idea which of the trails we were on.  I only know that I asked for a trail that ran along the water and Rebecca delivered.

Hiked into some wetlands and saw a couple of gorgeous cranes.  Once again I cursed my inability to remember my dSLR on these outings.  But an iPhone snap is better than nothing, right?

Hiking ladies!

Hey, look – some water views!  Rebecca asked if I remembered taking the boat along this stretch last summer.  I sure did – that was a night I’ll never forget.

Brandy says: come on, what’s taking so long?

We reached the point where Rebecca usually turns around, but were having such a lovely time that we decided to press on.  It was scorching hot…

Brandy found a cool spot.

Silly dog.  Isn’t she cute?

We continued on along the water for about another half hour before acknowledging that we had to turn around and head back if we were going to make it home before the kiddos woke up – plus we had exciting evening plans (about which, more on Friday).

Brandy made sure we all stayed cool by running down to the water every chance she got, taking a dip, and then shaking off her wet fur all over us.  Thanks, pupster!

First Landing State Park was so beautiful.  I just love our state park system here in Virginia!  We’ve loved exploring some of the NoVA parks – like Leesylvania and Mason Neck – this spring, and it was a joy to spend time at First Landing again.  Perhaps I need a new project – hike in every Virginia state park?  Twist my arm…

Where have you been hiking lately?

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