It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? (July 10, 2017)

So, this weekend sped by – as usual – and I’m staring down the barrel of my first full five-day workweek in about three weeks.  Yikes.  I’ll bet a lot of my friends are in the same position, so let’s all be strong for each other, right?  Somehow, even though last week was only two (work)days long, I really felt like I needed a weekend.  They’re always needed, aren’t they?  Anywho, I should have spent Saturday doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen, knocking out some house projects and gearing up for the week ahead.  Instead, I went to the splash pad – ’tis the season!  It had been awhile since Peanut had a play date with her school BFF, S.  They’re both enrolled in different camps this summer and won’t be in the same class next year, so S’s mom and I have been trying to schedule some time for the girls to have a good catch-up session.  They had a fabulous time prancing around and splashing on the splash pad, then playing on the playground and carousel.  Sunday was also a no-go for house chores, for very good reason – last Christmas I gave Steve an “experience gift” of driving a Porsche supercar around a racetrack, and this weekend was the experience.  So on Sunday morning we packed a picnic lunch and all piled in the car to drive out to West Virginia (another state for the kids! I was the only one excited about this!) for Steve’s racing experience.  As you can see from the picture, he had a fantastic time.  I could tell he had fun, because he complained about how slow the BMW was all the way home.


Reading.  This is definitely the slowest reading season for me – while summer means beach reads and long light evenings with a book for many, for me it is the season for doing and not for sitting.  (Not to mention, with two little ones running around, my time at the pool and beach is spent chasing them and not lazing about with a book – someday those days will be back, but they’re gone for now, and I’m actually totally okay with that.)  So even though I was away for a long weekend, I didn’t finish a single book over the Fourth.  It wasn’t until a couple of days after I got home that I polished off The Brandons, the seventh volume in Angela Thirkell’s Barsetshire series.  (They’re getting better and better – it’s true what the rest of the bookish internet says!)  Then I went back to my library stack and read the latest Maisie Dobbs, In This Grave Hour, which was excellent.  I returned it to the library yesterday – it was due back this coming Wednesday, so I’m patting myself on the back for getting it back before fines started racking up – and picked up my new, and gorgeous, Folio Society edition of Three Men in a Boat.  (The picture above is not the edition I have, and does it no justice.)  It’s hilarious, and I’m cracking up at every other sentence; it’s also a perfect summer read.

Watching.  Not much on the watching front, because I’m not much of a one for turning on the TV on summer nights either.  We did start watching a new documentary series about the national parks (not the Ken Burns – I’ve already watched that) but so far, we’ve only watched the first episode, on Glacier National Park.  More to come soon, I hope.

Listening.  I’ve been trying to catch up with my overloaded podcatcher and have been working my way through a few episodes of The Book Riot Podcast that had accrued.  I also finally listened to the “Politics of Being Southern” episode of From The Front Porch, and it was as good as I’d heard it would be.  (Is NoVA the South?  True Southerners would say that it’s not, but I was raised to consider everything below the Mason-Dixon Line to be The South – capitols required – plus Southern Living does feature D.C. and its Maryland and Virginia suburbs, and certain parts of NoVA have a very Southern feeling, which is good enough for me.)

Moving.  Lots to report here!  As you know from last week, I was away for the Fourth of July weekend and I packed plenty of activity in.  In addition to sailing, kayaking and chasing the kids around, I hit up two hikes, and one was a major hike up an Adirondack high peak!  The weekend was a lot of fun, but it also inspired me to make more time for formal exercise; it’s something I enjoy, and I think it’s really time I started making an effort to do things for myself again.  Recaps of my hiking adventures coming on Friday and next Friday, respectively, so stay tuned.

Loving.  This is such a simple thing, but I bought the kids cheap Cat & Jack sunhats from Target this summer and I seriously adore them.  Peanut has a floppy-brimmed white hat, and Nugget has a little navy blue bucket hat.  They’re inexpensive, so I don’t care if they get wrecked (and as a matter of fact, Peanut is already on hat #2, having lost the first one at camp) and they’re the stinking cutest things ever.  Plus they actually – willingly! – wear them, which is a huge perk.  Bless your heart, Target.

Asking.  What are you reading this week?

5 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? (July 10, 2017)

  1. It sounds like you have been busy! This is my first full work week in about three weeks too. I’m having a hard time adjusting to it. My kids finally started camp this week, and we had to be up at a ridiculously early hour (for us- we are not morning people). I can’t say I’m reading much at the moment, but I’ve been writing a lot with the girls (“Anusha of Melrose Square,” following the naming pattern of the Anne series). I’m pleased to say that Samira is reading Anne of the Island! I love that book.

    • Sounds like we’re both busy! E started camp this week too – she did a week of “June Jamboree” at her school right at the beginning of summer vacation but has been with the nanny since then. (Long story short, our share partners moved out of town mid-June and we’ve been carrying the nanny’s salary on our own until our new partners joined, just today, and the only way we could afford to do that was to save on camp fees, so the poor nanny had to deal with E for the last three weeks. I think she’s relieved to have a nice predictable infant joining now – ha.)

      Not reading because you are writing is not a bad excuse! I have the first Anusha on my kindle and want to get to it ASAP. I’m sure I’m going to love it and I’m already delighted that you’re writing another one! And YAY for S reading Anne of the Island! That’s my favorite Anne book. Wouldn’t you just love to live in Patty’s Place?

  2. I had hoped to live in a place like Patty’s Place when I was in college, but I had to settle for the dorms. Oh well! I hope E is enjoying camp. My girls are having a great time this summer. My twins are in a STEM program, and my youngest is at an art camp. We’re not writing as much now that the girls have started camp, but we’re making progress. Thanks for getting a copy of Anusha. I hope you enjoy it. It was a fun project!

    • Of course! I’m going to read Anusha on vacation. I’ve got it all downloaded and ready to go! The hope is to get some reading time on the plane, but that might be a pipe dream. I’ll have a few car rides, though!

      Sounds like your girls have a wonderful summer of activities! E loves camp. In our area, most of the private schools run summer “camp” programs and a lot of the families from our academic year school are checking out other schools just to mix it up – that’s what we are doing. E’s is more of a traditional camp than a lot of the other schools – she is taking swim lessons, doing tie-dye, learning camp songs… such fun! I have so many fond memories from Girl Scout camp and this first taste for her is getting me so excited to start her as a Daisy Scout (next year – she has one more year to go until kindergarten). I can’t wait to share the Girl Scout experience with her – I was an active Girl Scout until I graduated high school! One of the songs she learned at camp this summer was a variation on “Make New Friends,” which was our council’s anthem, and I was a total hearts-for-eyes emoji when she came home singing it. Memories!

      • It’s wonderful to re-live childhood memories while giving our children similar experiences. Do you think you’ll be a troop leader?

        Thanks for taking Anusha on your vacation! It should be a pretty quick read, I hope. It’s always fun (and a little nerve-racking) to know when people are reading it. 🙂

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