Lit Bits, Volume III

Random thoughts about books and reading…

I’m playing library roulette.  It occurred to me that I am living dangerously when it comes to library renewals.  I like to wait until the last possible day to renew my books – to give myself more time with them, you understand.  But if someone puts a hold on a book and I can’t renew it, I’m beating myself at my own game.  Lately I’ve started checking a few days in advance of a library deadline to see if there are any holds, any other copies circulating, etc. – but that inevitably leads to more strategizing.  There aren’t any holds but all the copies in circulation are checked out; should I renew early and cut off three days (or what have you) from my time with the book, or should I wait?  I realize this isn’t exactly what most would call living dangerously, but I’m just speaking my truth.

Speaking of the library, we tried out a new babysitter recently – the children’s librarian from our local library branch.  (Why had I never thought of this before?)  She was sweet and lovely and did a great job, although the kids made a point of letting her know that she was not their beloved regular babysitter, Bre.  Anyway – she told me I had the best home library she’d ever seen and that the kids owned books that she used for storytime at the library but had never seen in a kid’s personal collection before.  Winning!

Oh, and Nugget has a favorite library book.  He has checked out a book called Dirt Bikes twice now.  He knows exactly where it is in the stacks and he goes right for it.  Steve said that he used to do the same thing; he remembers a book about military jets that he borrowed from his elementary school library on multiple occasions.  Like father, like son…

Library luck is good, but my Amazon luck is bad lately.  I’m really trying not to buy too many books this year, so it’s especially frustrating that the books I do buy keep showing up damaged.  I had to return A Vicarage Family because the top half of the spine was crushed, and A Nature Poem for Every Day of the Year because the cover was visibly dirty (and I tried to clean it; the spots wouldn’t come off – am I the Lady Macbeth of books?).  What the what?  It’s so weird, how this keeps happening to me.

The Folio Society New Year’s Sale is almost over, guys!  I think there’s just a few days left, and stock is pretty low.  The selection is pretty good this time, so do go take a peek if you’re a Folio Society devotee.  The Folio Society semi-annual sales are exceptions to my general book-buying rule, and I make use of the exception.

7 thoughts on “Lit Bits, Volume III

  1. Frustrating, isn’t it? I wanted to read Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan (loved the movie!), but there were 428 holds on it. One of my relatives was kind enough to give me the book as a Christmas gift, so I didn’t have to wait until 2023 to read it. 😉

    • Crazy Rich Asians was so good! I can’t believe there were 428 holds, though – that’s wild! Glad you got a copy. In my library system, a hold expires after a year – I don’t know if 428 holds would circulate through that quickly… depends on how many copies the library has, probably.

  2. This reminds me I need to renew my books! I usually renew two days before the deadline–the library here in Singapore lets us renew up to a day before the deadline even if there are other reservations,

    • I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who’s strategic about library renewals! That’s so interesting that you can renew even if there are other reservations – I think I would love that rule as long as I was the one with the book out, but if I was the one with a reservation I might find it frustrating to have to wait longer – haha!

  3. Libraries were a very important part of life when I was growing up. Now the web is replacing them as source of information and entertainment. You
    So it is a great thing that your kids are learning to use their library.
    Great post

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