Garden Tasks: June 2019

The garden is bursting into bloom now – a nice thing about living in a relatively warm area; we have a lovely long growing season.  (Remind me that I’ve said this in another month or so, when I’m moaning about the sun burning all of my plants to a crisp.)  Having a small patio garden, I am never going to have an especially long task list, but here’s what I’ve got on the agenda for June:

  • Stay on top of watering daily – except for the days when we have those summer thunderstorms!
  • On the same note, spray my squirrel repellant every chance I get.
  • Make a final decision about whether I’m going to use squirrel netting to keep pests away from my blueberries and tomatoes, and if I decide to go for it, get the supplies and get set up.
  • Replace my bird feeder (AGAIN) – the birds just aren’t interested in the one I got, so I’m going back to the previous model.
  • Keep up with weeding the front walk and in between the bricks on the back patio.
  • Dig up the lavender (which didn’t take) and plant a few more perennials in the front flower bed – chamomile, maybe?
  • Check for ripe produce, and HARVEST!

What’s on your garden to-do list for June?

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