Garden Notes 2019: Birds and Bolting

Look at this!  Leaves, leaves everywhere.  Whether they’re actually productive is an open question, but hey!  Leaves!

So far, the tomato plants seem to be pretty much untouched – touch wood and spritz a few extra pumps of squirrel repellant for good measure.  But something’s been digging in both tomato pots.  I found two identical depressions, one in each pot, in about the same spot – nowhere near the tomato plants themselves.  Weird.  My first inclination was to blame the squirrels, but…

There are other possible culprits.

The tomatoes are ripening gradually.  I’m getting more than I got last year, although the leaves still seem really small to me.  It hasn’t been as good as the legendary tomato haul of 2017, but what is?

The rest of the garden is a bit of a mixed bag.  The raspberries are pretty much over.  It was fun picking them, although the bush hasn’t produced all that much.  I wonder if it’d do better in the ground?  Unfortunately that’s not an option – at least, not as long as I’m an urban gardener.  We’re staying here one more year, so I’ll have to consider whether I want to plant berries again next year or wait until I have actual ground to put them in.  As for the rest of the plants, the mint is pretty prolific; I think I’m going to be drying a bunch for tea this year.  The basil is doing decently well, and my next door neighbor, Zoya, gave me some lemon balm to plant too.  I put it in with the tomatoes and basil last weekend, so we’ll see.

The lettuces, sadly, have bolted.  Zoya and I tasted them and they’re sappy and bitter – blech.  I think I’m going to pull them up and replant the pots with more herbs.  How have I managed to ruin lettuce?  Don’t answer that question.

As for the blueberries, they’re pretty much over too.  I got a few, mostly plucked on my way in or out of the house, but the birds took most of them.  Obviously, I should have netted them off.  I knew this.  But darnit, birds!  There are TWO bird feeders full of delicious Audubon birdseed on the other side of the house.  Go eat that!

On the other side of the garden gate, the lavender is growing nicely.  I keep the pot right by the gate for luck and blessings upon the house.

I checked pretty much everything off my June to-do list last weekend – went around weeding the patio bricks, fed the plants, pruned and rearranged, while Nugget and Zoya played construction site.

Speaking of Zoya, I’ve got some new additions to my garden – both gifts from her garden next door.  A pot of mixed succulents, and a trumpet jade I’m hoping will take root.  Best neighbor ever.

The other item on my garden agenda for June was to celebrate Litha with a candle-lighting in the garden at sunset.  I made some herb chains, cleansed and blessed some water, and did a blessing for the garden last Friday – midsummer.

I also did a meditation and tuned into some of the nature energy swirling around.  It was peaceful and empowering, except for the part when a woman started screaming obscenities at her boyfriend (she wasn’t impressed with his parking skills).  Ah, life in the city garden.  (Happy – belated – Litha, by the way!)

And that’s June in my garden!  Some successes and some failures, as always.  But I’m learning, little by little.  How’s your garden looking these days?

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