Garden Tasks: August 2019

After a few weeks at the end of July when work was crazy and Steve was traveling, my garden is looking distinctly neglected.  I feel badly about this, but survival mode is survival mode.  I had to get myself and the kids through the days, and the garden just wasn’t a priority.  But I’m working on turning that around in August!  Here’s what I’ve got on my to-do list for the garden this month:

  • Catch up on weeding between the patio bricks – it’s a jungle in here!
  • Pinch and prune the mint, and harvest some to begin drying it for tea and possibly smudging.
  • Revive and prune the basil plants.
  • Thin out the burnt-out sections of the chives, and prune the rosemary to keep it healthy.
  • Prune and harvest tomatoes.
  • Research fall container garden plants.
  • Pull out dead pet grass (NUGGET!) and plant more sage in its place.
  • Trim back the wild rosemary on the front walk – it’s out of control!
  • Look into planting a small juniper near the front stoop.

Well – not as long of a list as I’d thought it would be, but – yes.  Plenty to do.  Sprinkle salt for a cool breeze so I can get in a few gardening evenings this month.

Do you have a garden?  What’s on your to-do list this month?

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