Shelf Love: A Newly Cozy Corner

This corner between the television and stairs has been giving me hives for three-and-a-half years.  It’s too small for an armchair, which would overwhelm the room.  But it’s too big to just ignore.  Other than December, when the Christmas tree lives here, it’s just a yawning abyss – until now, that is.

Tired of looking at a mess of television and video game console cords for eleven months out of the year, and tired of double-stacked bookshelves on the other side of the room, I had a brainwave recently and pulled an old bookshelf out of the basement.  I don’t actually like this bookshelf, mind – I’ve had it since college and it puts me in mind of dorm rooms and temporary living situations – but I like it a good bit better than electric cord knots.  So I set it up (along with baskets of blankets and children’s books and a terrifying time-out chair that my grandmother painted) and stocked it with books – the best part, obviously, since reorganizing my bookshelves is almost as much fun as reading.

Top shelf: Persephone books and Persephone Classics; Penguin English Journeys paperbacks, NYRB Classics.

Middle shelf: Lodestars Anthology and Persuasions journals; British Library Crime Classics, books about books, and ecclesiastical architecture books (oh yeah, it’s a thing all right).

Bottom shelf: All the big stuff.  Coffee table books not currently in coffee table rotation, vintage Saturday Book and Elizabeth Goudge hardcovers, and my Cornell yearbook.

Anyone else constantly reshuffling their home library?

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