Tales From the Exurbs, Vol. I: Strange Bedfellows

(Seen on my neighborhood run.  Toto, I don’t think we’re in the city anymore…)

Yesterday morning, this casual conversation took place…


Steve: There was a firefly in our bedroom last night.

Jaclyn: You’re serious?  Did it light up?

Steve: Yeah, that’s how I knew it was there.

Jaclyn: Well, did you escort it back outside?

Steve: Nah, I figured fireflies are harmless, so I just went back to sleep.


Worth noting: I love fireflies; they’re my very favorite bugs, so I found the idea of one flying around my bedroom sort of delightful.  (Although I do hope it found its way back out to its family and friends.)  If it was a moth, this would be a very different blog post.

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