It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? (August 31, 2020)

Yawwwwwwwn.  Mornin’ everyone.  How were your weekends?  Mine was kind of up and down – nothing extreme, just up a little and down a little.  Saturday was rainy – we were getting remnants of the hurricane from down in Texas and Louisiana, not wind but just rain in our case.  We decided to have a cozy day indoors, and I had big plans to get some organizing done around the house.  But those plans involved a trip to IKEA to pick up another couple of bookcases (for family books and games) and when it became clear that the bookcases were not going to fit in my car, I had to reshuffle.  I ended up spending the morning helping Peanut make a fairy library (an ill-advised birthday gift – she wants these craft kits but she always ends up getting frustrated along the way) and the afternoon making runs to the Container Store and Target to try to cobble together a toy storage solution for the playroom.  The kids have trashed the playroom to the point that they don’t even play in there anymore because it’s not fun.  I had to haul several garbage bags full of old broken toys and abandoned art projects out to the bins just so I could see floor.  I think I have the beginnings of something coming together, but it’s a long way to go and I was (am) frustrated – lots of frustration on Saturday, it seems – by their lack of respect for our space and their expectation that we are just going to follow them around cleaning up after them.

Sunday was better than Saturday, in every respect.  The weather was beautiful – sunny but not too terribly hot – and aside from breaking up the usual number of screaming matches, it was a good day.  On Sunday morning I had a virtual relay race to run as part of the second “Love the Run You’re With” series I am doing through Another Mother Runner.  I was runner #3 and was scheduled to run from 8:00 to 9:00.  So off I went at the stroke of 8:00, and other than my Garmin dying 24 minutes in, it was a great run.  Came home and slugged several big carafes of water, then fed the kids lunch and got them ready for our afternoon adventure – kayaking at Key Bridge.  I forgot my phone at home, so no pictures.  But we had a lovely paddle, saw an egret, and came home tired and happy.  A good day.

Reading.  It was a good reading week.  I finished the latest issue of Slightly Foxed on Monday evening – just in time, too, as the fall issue releases tomorrow and will be on its way to me soon.  The rest of the week, I spent with Mr. Pickwick & Co.  That may seem like a slow reading week, but Pickwick is about 950 pages and I am actually making good progress.  I’ve been lighting a candle and reading in the living room every evening for the last week, and it’s been lovely.  Although – I’m just shy of 600 pages in and starting to be ready to wrap it up.  This week, for sure.

Watching.  Very little this week.  After four days of the Democratic National Convention last week, which is much more TV than I usually watch in a week, I was burned out on screens and spent most of the week in the company of books instead.  No complaints!  We watched a few episodes of Rock the Park with the kids; that’s it.

Listening.  I’m continuing to binge through back episodes of The Mom Hour.  The show ran a two part special on school decisions for the fall, which was a wonderful conversation.  Steve and I had already made our decision for the kids by the time I got around to listening, but I still found it so helpful and validating to listen in as Sarah and Meagan weighed different options (and concluded, like everyone else, that all of the choices are bad).

Making.  A little of this, a little of that.  A few dinners – including risotto with Beyond sausages last night, yum.  (I had designs on maple-apple dumplings, but that will have to wait until next weekend, or the following weekend.)  A little bit of progress toward an organized playroom, but not as much as I’d hoped.  And several miniature books for Peanut’s fairy library (and a lot of deep breathing).

Moving.  Pretty good week on this front!  I got out for several weekday runs in preparation for my hour of running for team “Smiles, Strides and Spatulas” in the AMR Relay.  Then there was the relay itself, which – other than the aforementioned tech issues – was great.  I felt strong and had a grin on my face for much of the hour.  And there was the Sunday paddle, which is becoming a summer tradition and I love it.

Blogging.  August reading recap coming for you on Wednesday – not too many books this month, but I found myself with a lot to say about one of them, so check in with me then.  And a little more about our school choices on Friday, and how the year is starting to come together in my mind.

Loving.  I tackled a couple of organizing projects last week, one of which was to get my cookbooks unpacked and set up on a bookcase in a corner of the kitchen.  It was a small, underutilized space before, but it’s now my favorite corner of the kitchen – all those brightly colored spines lined up side by side (under a painting of a basket of blueberries, courtesy of my grandmother) ready to inspire me to cook and bake.  I’m sort of loving sitting at my kitchen table right now – I’ve got a view of cookbooks on one side and my bird feeder on the other; it’s so restful!  A far cry from the kitchen table at my old house, which was jammed into a corner by the back door, and I was constantly tripping over piled-up shoes and boots as I tried to set dinner out.  I would never have thought how happy it would make me to have a place to gather in the kitchen!

Asking.  What are you reading this week?

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