Three Months Without a Library Card

Are you guys ready to have your minds blown?

It’s been three months since we packed up and moved one county over (to the land of bigger yards, lower rent, and awesome public schools).  In that three months, I’ve enrolled the kids in public school, updated my voter registration, found the nearest Wegmans, and done a bunch of unpacking.  What I have not done: gotten a library card.

know, right?  Can you believe it?  Who even am I?

Clearly, this is not a forever situation.  I know exactly where the local library is and I’ve driven by its welcoming doors and serene native flower garden many times since we moved.  I have every intention of getting a library card and using the bejeezes out of it, like I did in Alexandria (and Buffalo, and every town I’ve lived in before that…).  But at the moment, I’m actually enjoying not having a library card.  Because I’ve had no choice but to read these:

My own books.  Cue angels singing!  Now that I have the space, I’ve spread my library out over the entire living room and I’ve been spending evenings curled up on my slipcovered couch, with a candle burning and one of my own books in my hands.  I’ve wandered from Roman Britain to Victorian London to Miss Quinzilla Thiskwin Pennyquiquil Thistle Crumpet’s Camp for Hardcore Lady-Types.  And it’s been awesome.  When I’m “between” books (a matter of seconds only) instead of sighing heavily and looking over at a stack of books that I have to read for a library deadline, I wander over to my shelves, run my fingers over the spines, and choose something that I feel like reading in that moment.  Revolutionary.  Mind-blowing.

I’ll get a library card again, and soon – never fear.  I can’t live without the library for long.  And I have a hefty list of books that I want to check out when I do.  But for once, I’m in no big hurry.  I’m happy to make my way through my own shelves, curated to suit my own very specific taste.  For years, I’ve been saying that I am going to try to read more from my own shelves, and now – I’m doing it!  I’m really doing it!

Are you a library junkie, too?

2 thoughts on “Three Months Without a Library Card

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