It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? (October 12, 2020)

Good morning, friends. Happy Indigenous People’s Day! And if you’re getting a day off work, I hope you’re enjoying it. I have a few things to do on that front, but am hoping to take the afternoon off, at least.

My weekend was a good one – indulgent. My birthday is tomorrow and since Tuesday birthdays are terrible, Steve declared this my “birthday weekend.” I felt very celebrated! On Saturday we spent the entire day outside, which is just what I always want to do. Two hikes – one at Riverbend Regional Park and one at Fletcher’s Cove – plus a picnic and kayaking, also at Fletcher’s Cove. We paddled farther upriver than we have before and checked out a section of rapids right before the river calms down. Sunday was gloomy on the weather front, so it was more of a relaxing day. I spent it puttering around the house. Nugget and I went to Michael’s for Halloween decorations (it was totally picked over – bummer) and both of the kids helped me bake an apple crisp, which we enjoyed for dessert after a feast of Greek food. And now I have a stressful week ahead, but at least I’m fortified by a lovely weekend.

Reading. Slow reading week – again. Partly because Marilynne Robinson needs to be read slowly (I knew this) and partly because of yet another week of crazy news cycles. I spent too much time scrolling through my Washington Post app and not enough time relaxing with my book. I read Home over the course of the week and finally finished it on Sunday morning. Needing a break from Marilynne Robinson, I spent a peaceful hour or so over The Lost Words, which was beautiful. And then, fortified by the break, I returned to Gilead and Lila. I loved Lila the first time I read it, so I’m sure I’m going to love it again this round.

Watching. This and that. The VP debate on Wednesday (“Mr. Vice President, I’m speaking.” And that fly!) Some Rock the Park. The first episode of The Right Stuff, the new Disney+ original series about the Mercury astronauts (which was great, but as it happens, not very kid-friendly – so that will be an adults-only show). And we’ve been attempting to watch Miracle as a family, but the dang kids keep falling asleep. Hoping to finish it up tonight – our third attempt.

Listening. Earlier in the week I was listening to my audiobook, another Great Courses series. Eventually I switched back to podcasts, specifically Sorta Awesome, and am working on catching up. I’m midway through a back episode on the subject of invisible labor, and man is it good.

Making. I was treated to takeout all weekend long, so there was no elaborate cooking this week. Unless you count the sandwich I made for the family picnic on Saturday – goat cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, and tofurkey and vegetarian pepperoni on olive ciabatta bread. The kids hated it. So uncivilized. Oh, and on Sunday afternoon my sous chefs and I mixed up an apple crisp (recipe from King Arthur Baking) using some of the apples we picked last weekend. Some may consider it kinda sad to make your own birthday dessert, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Moving. I was a bit lazy this week – lazy and extra stressed about work (which is exactly when I should make a point of exercising – I know, I know). I made it out for two runs and one strength training session in Mommy’s Jungle Gym – better than nothing, but not as much as I wanted. And there was the epic Saturday of activity – two hikes and a long paddle. That felt good.

Blogging. Getting philosophical on you this week, so my apologies in advance. On Wednesday I have a quote about contentment from Elizabeth von Arnim to share with you, and on Friday I am dragging out my soapbox and shouting about the “no geotag movement.”

Loving. This might be the lamest ever, but this is what is improving my life right now: friends, I am the proud owner of a garage fridge. Yes, I am officially old! A few weeks ago, frustrated by my poorly designed kitchen fridge (there is no place for produce, none) I mused aloud to Steve, “Maybe we should get a garage fridge.” He was immediately on board (actually, I think the direct quote was: “That’s actually really sensible.” I tried not to get offended that he sounded surprised at me being sensible) and before I even knew it, my half baked idea had turned into a new fridge in my garage. I now have a place to hide my La Croix from greedy little hands, and overflow vegetable storage space. I am living large, friends.

Asking. What are you reading this week?

4 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? (October 12, 2020)

  1. Two years ago my parents bought us a chest freezer to put in our basement. I am still thrilled every time I go down and grab something out of it. I totally understand your happiness over a garage fridge.

    • YES, chest freezer FTW! I’ve had one for years but we didn’t have it plugged in when we lived at our old place (when we moved in, the movers put everything we wanted in cobwebby basement corners and then stacked all of our random crap in front of them – fail). We plugged it in here and I’ve been using it to collect frozen vegetables and fish fillets. SO useful!

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