Tales from the Exurbs, Vol. III: Patent Pending

Y’all, the mosquitos here are no joke.  Why didn’t someone warn me that moving to the exurbs would mean shacking up with all sorts of wildlife of the biting and stinging kind?  The frog pond in our backyard is a major culprit (but maybe not for long; Steve just added a mosquito dunk, stay tuned) and I am just wondering if at some point they will go into hibernation for the winter?  No?

Fortunately, Nugget has a plan.  The other day, this conversation took place:

N: Mom, I think we need to start wearing bugspray to go to the bathroom.

Me: Oh, is there a bug in there?

N: A mosquito, what do you expect?

Me: Good point, I don’t know what I expect.  It’s the exurbs.

N: Can we get a mosquito net for the door that people can go right through but mosquitos can’t?

Me: That’s a good idea, buddy.  You should invent that.  We’ll patent it and you can make a million bazillion dollars.

N: Well, it’s only three dollars.  So can I have that?

Me: I don’t think I have that.

N: You don’t have three dollars?

Me: I have three dollars.  I don’t have that mosquito net.  You have to make it.

N: But I’m just a kid!

Get to work, buddy!  Side note: when I dreamed up this blog series I was expecting it to be broader in scope than just a chronicling of critter encounters in the neighborhood.  I promise I’ll think of something else exurby to write soon, but for now this abundance of wildlife is still a novelty.  Old Town wasn’t much for wildlife, unless you count house sparrows, European starlings, and people’s dogs.

Would you buy a mosquito net that people can walk right through but mosquitos can’t, if it was only three dollars?

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