It’s Memorial Day! What Are You Reading? (May 31, 2021)

Good morning, and happy holiday Monday to my friends in the U.S.! How are you remembering and celebrating today? Not to mention enjoying the unofficial kickoff to summer? Unfortunately, this particular kickoff to summer has been grey, rainy, and cool – a far cry from last weekend’s 95 degree weather and burning hot beach sand. On Saturday, we woke up to driving rain; we spent the morning huddled in the house and only got out for errands in the afternoon. Nugget accompanied me to pick up a tent I’d ordered at REI; I had selected curbside pickup, but we ended up going into the store, which was a mistake. Nugget invariably wants everything at REI, and I can’t resist his little face, and also I want everything at REI too. So instead of camp mattresses for the kids – what I intended to find in-store – we came home with water bottles, Smartwool socks, a conversation starter game, and a new bike helmet (which he did actually need – his old one was getting to be too small). Whoops.

Sunday was grey and chilly too, but I couldn’t face another indoor day, so Nugget and I threw his bike in the trunk and went to test out his new helmet at one of the local elementary schools. (Daddy and Peanut were content to have another couch day.) Nugget decided it would be fun to ride around the bases on his tee-ball practice field, and also found a hill to careen down. We spent about two hours playing hopscotch and basketball, exploring a nature trail on the school grounds, and tearing around the baseball fields on two wheels (Nugget) and two feet (me). And then we came home and Nugget threw a tantrum because I wouldn’t let him eat an ENTIRE full-sized Hershey bar. I’m so mean. (Can’t win ’em all…)

Reading. Bit of a slow reading week. I was navigating a stressful situation all week, and it put me off my books a bit. Finished up the latest installment in Maisie Dobbs’ adventures on Monday, but spent most of the week unable to read more than a few pages of Majesty at a time. Eventually, I did knock it off, and the weekend was given over to E. H. Shepard’s memoirs Drawn from Memory and Drawn from Life, which have been on my TBR for ages. They’re peppered with illustrations in Shepard’s signature charming style, and I am loving them. Next up will be something off my library stack, but exactly what remains to be seen.

Watching. Who has two thumbs and a seven day trial subscription to BritBox? THIS girl. Turns out, all that was necessary to get Steve to finally dive in was finding out that Nigellissima is available. Boys. We watched an episode and a half on Sunday evening, then Nugget asked to go to bed. I tucked him in and rubbed his back until he dropped off, then came downstairs to find Steve and Peanut asleep on the couch, with Nigella still cooking onscreen. When your watching companions are asleep (literally snoring) there is only one thing to do: stealthily switch over to Marple. Steve woke up midway through “The Body in the Library: Part I” and was quite confused. Rest of the week, we watched more NatGeo shows on Disney+… lots of wildcats this week.

Listening. More music, because it’s been another stressful week and I still don’t have the attention for my audiobook. More New Pornographers and more Heather Nova. Oh, and I did manage a couple of podcast episodes – it was good to reunite with The Mom Hour.

Making. Not much creativity this week, I’m sad to say. Just one of those weeks. Some dinners for the family, some attempts to book summer travel (unsuccessful thus far). The best thing I made is down below – read on.

Moving. I did a lot of walking this week – walking off frustrations at some unnecessary drama involving a few co-workers from one of my former firms. Queen Elizabeth says a brisk walk always helps, and who am I to argue with Queen Elizabeth? I may have gotten out for a run or two, but honestly, I can’t remember.

Blogging. I’ve been doing a lot of dreaming about what I want post-pandemic life to look like, and I’m making the first of three bucket lists for the After Times this coming Wednesday. And on Friday, my May reading recap – check in with me then.

Loving. You guys. Can we talk about my new favorite breakfast? Let me set the scene here. I am not really much of a sweet tooth, especially in the morning – although I do love plain Greek yogurt, I am ambivalent about fruit and granola for breakfast, and those are the traditional accompaniments to yogurt, right? Recently I had the idea to make a savory yogurt bowl, and let me tell you, it was life-changing. I don’t say that lightly. I started with a base of my favorite Fage 2% plain Greek yogurt, then added a generous helping of halved cherry tomatoes, a drizzle of olive oil, and – here’s the best part – a shower of everything bagel seasoning. I was going to do za’atar, to nod to my quick labneh dip that I often make to go with crudites, but the bagel seasoning called to me and, not for nothing, it’s pure genius. If you like yogurt but aren’t big on sweets, you NEED to try this. I came up with the idea on Friday morning and have eaten it four days in a row.

Asking. What are you reading this week?

One thought on “It’s Memorial Day! What Are You Reading? (May 31, 2021)

  1. I curious to hear what you think of Britbox. We have been toying with the idea of giving it a try but mid-move did not seem the time. Maybe now that we are getting settled in.

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