Post-Pandemic Planning, Part 1 – Little Things

As the pandemic has stretched on… and on… and on… I’ve been hesitant to envision life on the other side. This is unusual for me; typically, I think ten steps ahead of myself and I love planning and dreaming up future adventures. I suppose it could be a stress response; nonetheless, now that I’m fully vaccinated, I’m starting to finally consider what I want to do when it’s really ALL OVER. (Or as ALL OVER as it’s going to be, at least – now that it seems we’ll be living with the reality of COVID for a long time, maybe forever – ugh.) My post-pandemic bucket list has been growing by leaps and bounds.

Over the past year, we’ve had to make do with a lot of sub-optimal circumstances. Going for months without seeing family; the frustrations of virtual kindergarten and second grade; drawers full of face masks – I’ll be glad to see the back of all of these. But there have been some good changes in the past year, and some things I want to carry forward into the brave new post-pandemic world. Prioritizing outdoor time and alone time for Mom (sometimes outdoor alone time for Mom); finding anew my love for running; cooking and baking with Peanut; reading my own books… these have been sources of joy in the last year or so, and I want to keep them going.

That said, I wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t metaphorically vision-boarding ALL of the things I want to do now that Steve and I are both vaccinated. And the list is long, and wide-ranging – from trying out Orangetheory to kayaking in one of the most forbidding climates on the planet. Here are the goals and dreams on the smaller end:

  • Join a local rock gym and start bouldering regularly – and maybe find a climbing buddy for roped climbs.
  • Go INSIDE my new library (instead of just loitering in the curbside pickup area).
  • Wander the farmers’ market again – we haven’t been since moving to the exurbs almost a year ago.
  • Start going to Orangetheory classes (I’ve been wanting to try it out, and there’s a studio much closer than the nearest Barre3 location).
  • Browse at Old Town Books again – I haven’t been to the new store location since they moved to bigger digs.
  • Related: get ice cream at The Creamery and eat it down by the Old Town waterfront without worrying about crowds.
  • Movie night on the village green in our new town.
  • Take the kids to the Air and Space Museum again.
  • Demo kayaks at Annapolis Canoe and Kayak – and hopefully Lake George Kayak Co., too.
  • Get Peanut into a Girl Scout troop – finally.

Mostly, I just want life to be a little more fun – and I want to go back to doing the small things that I’ve enjoyed in the past, without worrying about being in proximity to other people.

What little things are you looking forward to doing when life gets back to more “normal”?

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