Post-Pandemic Planning, Part 2 – The In-Between Stuff

When I started thinking about a post-pandemic bucket list, I didn’t realize that this would be the hardest category to brainstorm, fill, and write. It’s easy enough to come up with a list of the little things I’ve been missing over the past year (library visits, mornings wandering the farmers’ market) and I always have a lengthy list of giant, audacious goals, mostly related to travel. But what’s in the middle?

It starts with defining the middle, I suppose. After a year in which just going to the grocery store was an adventure, any travel at all seems like it belongs on the “big” list. But there are categories of domestic travel that don’t take the kind of planning, saving, and audacity that some of the other trips I’m dreaming of would require. And there are local adventures – like when I went hot-air ballooning last October – and things I’d like to do that are bigger than just going to the library, but don’t involve passports or require me to have the organizational skills of a D-Day commander. So that’s the general idea here. Things like:

  • Get scuba-certified (there are some local dive shops that do pool training before you head out to the open water).
  • Have Thanksgiving at my brother’s house (in Colorado) again.
  • Do some business travel – I need to get up north to visit my HR clients soon, and some of my teammates (who are spread out around the country) are talking about coordinating planning on a trip to corporate headquarters so we can see each other in person.
  • Attend my cousin Jocelyn’s wedding – finally! The big reception has been postponed for a year; Jocelyn and her husband Jason didn’t want to wait to be married, so they had a small outdoor ceremony last year during the height of COVID, which we watched on Facebook – but the big party is happening this summer and we’re so excited to celebrate. Peanut will be a flower girl again, and Nugget will do his first stint as a ring bearer, and I can’t wait to see that cuteness and to celebrate with family. Every bride deserves her day, of course, but Jocelyn is a nurse and has spent countless hours caring for others during a global pandemic; if anyone deserves a magical and perfect wedding day, it’s her.
  • Get back to running local races in person again, and train for and run another local half marathon. Maybe the D.C. Rock ‘n Roll half?
  • Finally meet some people in our new town – I made a start on mom friends, but could use some more running/biking buddies. (Nugget is a fun guy, but it’s pretty stressful to take your heart’s treasure mountain biking.)
  • Do some more exploring in the Blue Ridge. I want to check out Carvin’s Cove, Smith Mountain Lake, Roanoke…
  • Related: spend a weekend at Big Meadows Lodge in Shenandoah National Park.
  • Get enrolled at the local rec center and start swimming regularly.
  • Knock off another high peak (or two) and some of the shorter Adirondack hikes I’ve been wanting to get to – like Mount Jo and Blueberry Cobbles.
  • Go whitewater rafting – maybe on the Upper Hudson, or maybe the New River in West Virginia?

So, there it is – a list of things that I want to do, that are not small but not huge, either. The sort of things that you look forward to from weekend to weekend – or maybe a little bit longer – in between farmers’ market mornings and epic adventures. I think that was the basic idea. Everything on this list is calling to me, so I suppose that’s right.

What are your middle-of-the-road adventures coming up?

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