It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? (August 30, 2021)

Yawwwwwn. How was your weekend? This one felt fast to me. And speaking of feeling fast – how is it already August thirtieth? Where has the summer gone? Sigh. Anyway – it was a good weekend. Steve’s mom came up from Florida for a short visit; we hadn’t seen her since pre-pandemic, so way too long. She was only able to stay for two nights, but we made the most of the time! She arrived on Friday evening, just in time for our usual weekly takeout night. The kids were over the moon excited to see Grandma! On Saturday, we drove up to Baltimore and showed Grandma around one of our favorite spots – the National Aquarium. She loves animals, and we usually take her to the National Zoo when she visits, but everyone wanted to mix it up this time. We all had a fabulous time – the highlight (for me, at least) was this stunning scarlet macaw in the rainforest section. Saturday afternoon, we just spent relaxing at home and catching up, and then first thing Sunday morning – Grandma was gone after not nearly enough time. (Hopefully she can come back soon!)

The rest of Sunday, we mostly spent relaxing. I had the idea that everyone kind of needed a quiet day to recharge before another full week of school. Nugget and Steve watched Formula One, Peanut read in her room, and I blazed through about two hundred pages in the sunroom. In the afternoon, Nugget and I were getting a bit itchy to leave the house, so we headed to the local garden center and picked up some new houseplants (hopefully we don’t kill them this time…). We brought home Poppy the Philodendron, Severus the Snake Plant, and Stella the Spider Plant (Nugget named them all). Just as I was unloading our new family members, my phone pinged a reminder that Peanut had a “Welcome to Brownies!” pool party in eight minutes. Whoops. We both got changed in record time and rushed across town to meet her new Girl Scout troop – frenetic start to the party aside, it was wonderful. Peanut hit it off with the girls right away, and the other moms were sweet and welcoming. I think we’re going to love being part of this troop! I’ve got to order her uniform today. And off we go…

Reading. ‘Twas a lovely reading week – finally! Over a few weekday evenings, I finished up The Swiss Summer, which was fresh and evocative; I loved it. Spent the better part of the weekend over Summer: An anthology for the changing seasons, from Melissa Harrison’s seasonal quartet (which I just love). I finished it over a long sitting in the sunroom with a cup of blackberry sage tea on Sunday morning – delicious, both the tea and the book. Finally, still trying to work through as much of my summer reading list as I can before August gives way to September, I turned to The Adventurous Summer – a new reprint from Girls Gone By. It’s completely charming; I’m a little more than halfway through at press time and enjoying it so much.

Watching. Did a fair amount of viewing this week – about the usual, I think. We finished up Growing Up Animal (from the NatGeo collection on Disney+) this week; it was such fun and beautifully filmed. And then on Sunday, when Peanut and I got home from our pool party, the boys had just started the Transformers movie. I found it surprisingly fun – seriously, Transformers, who knew? We couldn’t quite finish it before little eyes were drooping, so we’ll wrap it up tonight.

Listening. All The Mom Hour, all the time this week. I listened to a few episodes, and particularly enjoyed the latest episode – on energy levels, and practical tips for managing yours.

Making. Meh, not much. It’s the standard end-of-summer lull. I’m spending my time rushing around trying to cram in all the summer fun. I’ll be back at my kitchen stove and photo editing software when the weather cools off.

Moving. Pretty low-key week, actually. I did get in a couple of runs, but this week was mostly walking. (I’m trying to get the August Walking badge on the Garmin Connect app, and I need 4.2 more miles…)

Blogging. August reading round-up coming atcha on Wednesday, and a hike recap on Friday. Check in with me then!

Loving. We always love our visits to the aquarium, but this time was extra fun – not only because we brought Grandma with us, but also because brave little Nugget reached into the touch tank and petted a few of the animals! (Seriously, he reached all the way in – his little shoulder was soaked, heh.) He stroked a couple of horseshoe crabs, some moon jellies, and a little ray (which he described as feeling “like Jell-O”). I have never been able to stoke up my courage enough to stick my hand in the touch tank (and I was a little nervous when he did it – especially the jellyfish petting, yikes!). I’m on record as wanting to get over my own apprehension of fish, and I’m so impressed and proud of him for just going for it. I say it all the time, but – he’s just the coolest kid EVER.

Asking. What are you reading this week?

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