ADK 2021: Cobble Hill

Each evening in Lake Placid, after we wrapped up work/adventures for the day, Steve and I would wander out to dinner somewhere on Main Street and plan out the next day’s wandering. We’d compare work calendars and notes about fun ideas, and hash out a plan to tackle an adventure around conference calls. Because we were working, most of our adventures were bite-sized; that doesn’t mean they were lame. On Wednesday morning, with calendars clear of conference calls until 11:00, we woke to an early alarm and set out for Cobble Hill.

Cobble Hill rises 2,343 feet above downtown Lake Placid; it’s the local hike in a town full of local hikes. These days there isn’t even trailhead parking; you stride out of your hotel, walk up Main Street and partway around Mirror Lake, and you’re there. It’s a short-ish trail (just about 5 miles round trip counting the town portion) but with plenty of classic Adirondack granite and views.

There’s a pristine pond.

A decent amount of climbing – and you’re at the top, with a stellar view of a Lake Placid landmark – the ski jumps.

There’s Adirondack granite boulders to scramble over.

And lots of space for dorky summit selfies. What happened here? Steve looks creepy and I look terrified. I joked that he could be a serial killer.

Summit slayer, woman about to be murdered.

We were up and down this mountain before my West Coast colleagues had even woken up, and settled in for a day of lawyering – but feeling pretty smug about having climbed a mountain before the workday even started.

Next week: paddling another Adirondack lake!

2 thoughts on “ADK 2021: Cobble Hill

  1. So fun to see this trip report! We did this hike on snowshoes in February, and of course it looked a bit different then. Nice to see the rocks that were buried under the snow… We also hiked counter-clockwise so we hit the pond on the way down (of course we went out on the ice!) and the steepest ascent on the way up. Is the rope still there to help pull oneself up? Or balance going down, in your case? Probably not truly necessary, but certainly a fun feature.

    • We didn’t actually hike it as a loop – we did both the ascent and descent on the longer, gentler grade side. Steve has a fear of heights and wasn’t keen on the rope idea. It was a lovely hike done that way, too!

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