It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? (October 11, 2021)

Good morning and happy Monday – from Seattle! Not a normal Monday morning post, but one that took me all the way across the country. I’m here all week for work – a conference with my team, none of whom I had yet met in person before last night. (There was squealing and a lot of hugging when that changed.) Team activities officially start later this morning, but for various logistical reasons I ended up flying out way early – on Saturday morning – so I had the weekend for Seattle fun and I made the most of it. I’ll recap it all eventually (travel posts are piling up again, a wonderful feeling) but briefly: I hit the aquarium, Pike Place, the Great Wheel, and the Space Needle – and more. And now it’s time to dive into a week of team-building, workshops, and facility tours; I’m excited!

Reading. Good reading week! It was mostly back-loaded, as I was busy preparing for a weeklong business trip – so earlier in the week, there was just less time for reading. I did finish up O, the Brave Music by midweek, and I tore through The Stubborn Light of Things: A Nature Diary (a collection of Melissa Harrison’s Nature Notebook columns for The Times of London, which I LOVED) toward the end of the workweek. I brought a fully loaded kindle with me on my business trip, and read most of Longbourn on the plane (finished it up on Sunday morning) and then turned to Come, Tell Me How You Live, Agatha Christie’s memoir of her time on archaeological digs with her second husband, Sir Max Mallowan. I’m only about 15% into it so far but really enjoying it.

Watching. Not a lot of watching this week – I was just too busy rushing around with business trip prep. There was a little bit of Great British Bake-Off, and several episodes of Miranda Mills on YouTube while folding laundry and packing (Miranda continues to make household chores an absolute pleasure).

Listening. I was back on the podcast wagon this week! I finally figured out how to hide played episodes on my podcatcher (don’t say ANYTHING, it was not intuitive, okay? Apple Podcasts keeps changing things) and it’s all so much tidier and less overwhelming as a result. I’m working my way through a backlog of bookish podcast episodes that I had been avoiding because it was too much to even think about facing the tangle of played, half-played and unplayed episodes before I figured out the hiding function. I still have to go through and delete episodes of parenting podcasts that don’t apply to my kids’ stages (and which I don’t need to listen to as a result) so maybe that will be a project for the plane flight home at the end of the week.

Making. Piles and piles of clean, folded laundry and a packed suitcase – that was the main thing. Also made progress on my sloppy scarf.

Moving. Ugh, don’t ask. It was such a busy week, I didn’t get in anything other than my daily neighborhood walks (last Monday’s was a highlight, as it included Rebecca – gosh, her visit seems like an age ago). And then walking all over Seattle the past two days, some of it schlepping heavy luggage (#strengthtraining). This coming week isn’t going to be any more active, but when I get home I’ll have a couple of virtual races coming up – so running will be very much back on the agenda.

Blogging. I have this month’s Themed Reads coming atcha on Wednesday, and more Adirondack travel on Friday. Check in with me then!

Loving. It’s so great to have business travel to a cool city, with some time built in for fun – and I can’t tell you how much fun it was to meet three of my colleagues (including our team leader and the teammate with whom I work most closely) last night! I have been loving this job so much, but the one thing that was missing was the chance to spend time with my co-workers. I’ve missed travel, and I’ve missed engaging with people at work (not on a screen – I see their faces almost every day but we’re all in little boxes on the computer screen, which is not the same). This week is going to be fun. 🙂

Asking. What are you reading this week?

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