It’s Tuesday Night (Hoo Boy)! What Are You Reading? (October 19, 2021)

Well! Hello. Tap, tap. Is this thing on? So – once again – I totally flaked on you yesterday, and I am sorry. In my defense, I was on! a! plane! heading back from a week and a half in Seattle. Last week, I mentioned that I had a business trip; what I didn’t mention was that because my birthday fell midweek while I had to be away, Steve and the kids came too! Major bonus points to my team leader, who didn’t bat an eye when I said my anklebiters would be joining me in Seattle, and major major bonus points to Steve for holding down the fort, parenting on Pacific time and working on Eastern time, from a hotel room, for an entire week – all so that I would have a good birthday. He is the best. Anyway, there will be full recap posts to come once I work through my backlog of travel posts (a very good problem to have, friends) but for a quick preview: after my conference wrapped up on Friday morning, and I finished up a few work tasks that couldn’t wait for Monday, we rolled out of Seattle and headed for two days of exploring Olympic National Park! We hit all three of the ecosystems in this “three parks in one” wonder – a cold and rainy walk down Ruby Beach on the Pacific coast; a snowy (!!!) and very quick visit to Hurricane Ridge in the mountains; and quite a few hikes in the breathtakingly gorgeous Hoh Rain Forest. We saw salmon leaping out of the Sol Duc River, hiked to two waterfalls, ate delicious food, got rained (OR SNOWED) on the entire time, and hated to leave. And since we didn’t see any banana slugs, marmots, or Olympic mountains (Hurricane Ridge was completely socked in) we’re definitely going back ASAP. Spent all of Monday on a plane heading back east and missing the rainforest terribly – but looking forward, rather, to a return to home cooking and running shoes and non-kindle books. And now here I am.

Reading. Well, it was such a busy week – between work and kids and PNW sightseeing – that reading took a backseat. Not a surprise. Agatha Christie’s memoir of her time on archeological digs with her second husband was a slim and engaging read but still took me the entire week to finish (in fact, I didn’t wrap it up until my plane was touching down at Dulles on Monday). I really enjoyed it, though!

Watching. We’re all caught up on the latest season of The Great British Bake-Off and back to staring at each other until the next episode drops each Friday. (What will we watch tomorrow, and Thursday?) And as always, Miranda Mills’ YouTube channel is the soundtrack to my house chores, and a lovely soundtrack it is.

Listening. Still enjoying my clean-ish (I have several shows still to tidy) podcatcher, and catching up on back episodes of Tea or Books? – it’s so much easier to listen to podcasts when my podcatcher isn’t a completely overwhelming morass.

Making. I’m onto phase three of my sloppy scarf. Basically I’m making it out of scrap yarn; phase one was seed stitch with a dusky blue worsted; phase two was a chunky oatmeal cable, and phase three is a very simple and modern lace pattern in a soft, deep purple. I’m on the hunt for some cool patches to sew on to cover all the mistakes when I finish. Do let me know if you have a source, thanks.

Moving. Oooooooof. So, I didn’t have room to pack my running shoes in my Seattle luggage, which means I have an uphill climb to be ready for the MCM 10K in two weeks (it’s virtual again this year; I’m thinking of running on Halloween). But I did a decent amount of walking, and quite a bit of hiking. So I wasn’t a complete conference room potato. But I feel stiff and grumpy and very much in need of a good run to clear the cobwebs.

Blogging. Fun week coming for you – tomorrow, I’m showing you a week’s worth of Whole30 dinners tomorrow, and on Friday, back to the ‘dacks. Almost done with those recaps, but I do have a couple more weeks for you (and then travel posts will continue; after we wrap up in NY, we’ll head south to Shenandoah, good?).

Loving. Y’all know I am not one for gift bragging posts, but can I just send some hearts Steve’s way? The best birthday gift was having him and the kiddos with me in Seattle. Even though I didn’t get to see them much, just knowing they were in the hotel room waiting for me to come back was magic. He had to work hard to pull that off, so hats off. And if that wasn’t enough, he fed my camera addiction… again. A few months ago I told him that after exhaustive research I had decided that I really wanted to go mirrorless (#IYKYK) but was torn between two different cameras. I wanted something to replace my dSLR for everyday photos, and both of the cameras I was looking at had very specific benefits (and very few drawbacks) – I was truly on the fence. So… he bought me both. (Completely over the top, yes, but I love photography and I use my cameras almost every day, so.) Birthday presents are unnecessary but very nice, and it’s lovely to be spoiled with new gear for something that I enjoy so much. I’m lucky indeed.

Asking. What are you reading this week?

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