It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? (October 25, 2021)

Good morning, friends! What a weekend – actually, what a week. I did a decent job of staying (mostly) current on work while I was in Seattle the week before last, but spending Monday on a plane wrecked it all. I had almost a hundred emails by Monday evening, and with more pouring in every day I spent the week working feverishly to catch up. I finally did, by Friday evening, but the early part of this week is another busy one, which means that by Thursday I’ll be hopelessly behind again. Ah, well – such is life, and at least my job is fun! I’ve certainly had jobs that were just as busy and much less enjoyable, so I’m not insensible of my blessings, for sure.

One of which is the ability to close my laptop on a Friday evening and spend the weekend enjoying family time without worrying about work (most weekends). That’s what I did this weekend. On Saturday, I wanted to head down to Old Town to check out the Halloween decorations and see Old Town Books’ new bigger digs. So we rolled out late morning, enjoyed brunch at one of our old favorites – Virtue Feed + Grain – and spent a few happy hours wandering around King Street and the surrounding neighborhood. When we got home, Steve wanted to watch Formula One and Peanut wanted time to herself, so Nugget and I went out and hit up a fall festival at a nearby garden center (he loved it and I hated it – too many people, made me nervous) and then wandered over to his favorite local playground, where he taught a gaggle of toddlers to play soccer and I read one of my new acquisitions that I plucked off the shelf at Old Town Books earlier that day.

Sunday was, if anything, even more quintessentially fall. After a lazy morning at home, we drove out to the country to pick pumpkins at our favorite patch. Narrowly avoided a pumpkin avalanche (the farm is on a hill), filled a wheelbarrow, and ate freshly baked apple cider donuts on a haystack – how can you go wrong? I ended the day with a late afternoon neighborhood walk while chatting on the phone to my Aunt Maria, followed by homemade shrimp curry with kale and coconut milk – yum. Happy new week, y’all.

Reading. Well! Despite being a busy week of playing catch-up at work, I did manage to do a fair amount of reading. Most of it was backloaded toward the end of the week and over the weekend, but such is life. I finished Come, Tell Me How You Live early in the week, and then spent a few days glorying in Frenchman’s Creek, one of the few Daphne du Maurier novels I’d not yet read. I thought a pirate love story would be a good choice for the lead-up to Halloween, but it turns out the action all takes place at a sultry midsummer – not so much chilly autumn nights. No matter! I adored it anyway. Over the weekend, I steamed through the last seasonal anthology from Melissa Harrison, then polished off Ghostways: Two Journeys in Unquiet Places in one sitting (I loved one of the sections; was less fussed by the other). Finally, on Sunday morning I turned to The Daughter of Time, Josephine Tey’s most famous mystery novel, and was immediately swept up in it. I can already tell this is one I’ll be sad to finish…

Watching. More of the usual – you all know what I’m about to say. Some Great British Bake-Off, some Monty Don, and more Miranda Mills YouTube videos while doing the unending round of house chores. All delightful.

Listening. I’m still on a podcast kick. I finally finished going through each downloaded show and deleting the episodes I’m not going to listen to, and now I’m just working my way through my backlog. Still on old bookish podcast episodes, but I’ll start sprinkling some parenting content in again one of these days.

Making. It’s that time of year – creative juices are flowing. I finished up the knitting portion of my sloppy scarf (still need to weave in the ends, block it, and figure out a way to hide all the mistakes I made) and moved on to a new project – an infinity scarf with a modern, simple lace pattern. I’m testing out this idea with the thought that if it works, I might make a few to give as Christmas gifts – stay tuned. (For that reason, I won’t show you the scarf – either on the needles or the finished product – until after I’ve decided whether the pattern is gift material.) Then I’ve made some progress, finally, on a 2020 family yearbook; I’m gunning for a deadline of November 15, because I got some epic Shutterfly coupons that expire that day. Oh, and lots of homecooked dinners, per usual. Maple and mustard-glazed chicken thighs, with maple-roasted carrots were the highlight of the week.

Moving. Sigh. A busy workweek is just the kind of week when I should make movement a priority, to feel good – but (you can see this coming, a mile away, I know) I just didn’t. Next week? Let’s hope. I did at least get out for my daily walks, so that’s something. I’m on a streak of 10,000 or more steps every day and have kept it going since June 3, so I can’t stop now.

Blogging. I have a Classics Club review for you on Wednesday, and the penultimate Adirondack summer travel post on Friday – check in with me then!

Loving. It was so much fun to be back in our old haunts this weekend – I love my little exurb town, but there are so many things I miss about living in Old Town. The best was seeing the new Old Town Books location and all their new square footage. (The classics section seems to have shrunk, though! But the nature shelf grew, so it evens out.) It’s a beautiful, light-filled space with blonde wood shelves stocked with delicious-looking reads, and the mural on the side of the store (reading “Alexandria: City of Readers”) is gorgeous. I wish I’d had more time to putter around in the shop; between Steve and the kids and an army of trick-or-treaters (apparently it was Halloween at the local businesses, a week early – poor planning on my part) the store was crowded and I didn’t really get in the good long browse I was craving. I may have to go back midweek when the kids are in school…

Asking. What are you reading this week?

3 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? (October 25, 2021)

  1. The Daughter of Time is my favorite Tey. I can’t wait to hear what you think of it. I might need to reread it now. I was talking to a woman at work the other day who has never reread a book in her life. I just can’t imagine that.

    • NEVER re-read? That does boggle the mind. I don’t re-read often, but only because there are just so many books I want to get to for the first time. I persist in believing that someday I will have read pretty much everything I want to read at least once, and then I can indulge in all the glorious re-reading.

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