It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? (March 21, 2022)

See that? Spring is in the air – officially, now! (Ostara blessings to my earth goddessy types.) The equinox is past, the buds are on the trees and there are a few blossoms out already. Of course, that means something else, less welcome, is in the air too. My red car is yellow from the sheets of pollen around here. I’ve started my annual course of Allegra, because the only way to survive this season without being totally miserable is to start early and stay ahead of it.

Anyway – pollen aside, it was a lovely weekend, really lovely, from beginning to end. I started on a high note: a happy hour, over videoconference, with my dear friend (and former coworker) Vanessa. First, and most importantly, we’d missed each other terribly and it had just been too long. There was so much to catch up on: her second baby (her birth story was insane) being the main event, but she’s also interviewing for a few jobs with my current employer! Obviously, the idea of being in the same office with Vanessa again is almost too wonderful to comprehend. I’m peppering her with interview tips and trying not to let myself get too excited. But, really. We talked as hard as we could for two hours – until my sour and her hard cider were long empty – and made plans to get together in person soon.

The rest of the weekend was wonderful and restful. On Saturday, we slipped out to our favorite park for a hike, and I spotted all kinds of signs of spring along the trail. Came home to a delicious sushi dinner – yum. Sunday was just as good – a four mile run on my favorite trail in the morning, followed by swim class for the kids and then a visit from another dear friend (and former coworker) Amanda. Amanda brought her two sweet munchkins over to play with mine, and while the kiddos ran around outside the moms ate frittata and drank tea; caught up on all the stresses and joys of motherhood; and emptied the kids’ dressers of outgrown clothes (now to be loved by Amanda’s family – they’re my favorite hand-me-down victims; this is the latest in a long history of me pawning off the kids’ clothes on Amanda). It was a weekend full of fresh air, good food, and time with cherished friends; what could possibly be better?

Reading. It didn’t feel like a slow reading week, but I guess it was – two books finished, and one on the go. What have I been doing in the evenings? Now I can’t recall. Oh, well – all excellent reads, though. The Armourer’s House was delightful; Agnes Grey a long-anticipated re-read (review coming soon for The Classics Club Challenge); and I’m about halfway through English Climate: Wartime Stories and absolutely loving it.

Watching. Lots and lots of Springwatch (last year’s content, on Britbox), and Steve and I also finished up Mapp and Lucia, starring the marvelous Anna Chancellor.

Listening. A mix – some music, some podcasts, some audiobook time. All good stuff, but nothing notable to report.

Making. Well, the biggest news here is what I did not make: any progress on my Costa Rica photo book, which is unfortunate because there was a very short-lived promotion including unlimited free pages; that’s a crazy deal and I missed out. This will just be motivation to get it done so that if a similar deal comes around again – hopefully it will – I’ll be in a position to take advantage of it next time! Otherwise – hmmm. Some progress on Nugget’s scarf, but not much. No progress on my fingerless gloves. Lots of work product. A delicious tomato-basil frittata and chickpea pasta with homemade tomato sauce, which Amanda and I enjoyed for lunch on Sunday. Much folded laundry (and I’m still behind).

Moving. A good week in movement! A couple of walks, two yoga sessions, and a few runs – including a lovely and peaceful four-miler on Sunday and an intense HIIT run (via the Peloton app) earlier in the week. My fastest pace was 05:42 minutes/mile! Now, I’m sure I didn’t sustain that for more than a couple of seconds, but I didn’t even realize I could get to that pace at all. So thanks, Becs, for the push, and thanks, Garmin, for the info. I AM A BEAST.

Blogging. Themed reads on Wednesday – it was a hard one to write, because there was an absolute wealth of material and narrowing down the options to just three recommendations was not an easy task. And then back to the wild, wild west on Friday with a fun hike recap. Check in with me then!

Loving. So, this would not be a “loving” for many people, and honestly I’m a bit surprised that it was for me, but… ya girl worked in the office on Thursday! I put on my nicest jeans (my company is famously casual), drove into Arlington, parked in a parking garage, found my DESK (!!!), promptly stole someone else’s desk (!!!!!), and worked an actual office day. This is exciting stuff, people. The last time I worked a regular day – not a hearing, deposition, or special event – in the office was March 13, 2020. Two years. When I was in the thick of commuting every day I think I would have said working fully remote would be a dream, and it has been great to have the flexibility, and I don’t plan to go back to five days a week in the office – probably ever. (It goes without saying, but I’ll say anyway that I’m very aware of how lucky I am to have the flexibility to work from home.) But I was surprised by how much I missed the interaction with people (who even am I?). There was deskside chatter with a transportation lawyer who started around the same time as I did and supports some of the same business lines, and some “getting to know you” conversation with a regulatory attorney as we heated up leftovers side-by-side. It all felt novel and fun – scanning my badge to get into the suite, wandering around looking for the fridge and the ladies’ room, seeing new faces and scouting out better desk spaces to request… Yeah, if it’s not clear, I really enjoyed cleaning out my email inbox in a different location.

Asking. What are you reading this week?

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