Olympic National Park: Sol Duc Falls

The Hoh Rainforest was the surprise of our trip to Olympic National Park. I knew it would be amazing, of course, but I was really interested in the coastline and the mountains. But it ended up being the rainforest that drew us in for most of our ONP hikes; it was just so magical.

Steve and I both independently decided that we really, really wanted to hike to Sol Duc Falls – a relatively short hike, and mostly flat until the very end, but with major bang for the buck in terms of scenery payoff. That’s really the name of the game when hiking with kids – or our kids, at least – keep it short and pretty flat – so we’ve gotten good at finding the hikes that meet those criteria but also pack a punch and feel special.

As with all of the trails we experienced in Olympic, the pathways were groomed and easy to walk, and there was a riot of things to look at all around us.

From the very, very big – towering Sitka spruces…

To the tiny details of fruits and fungus.

We walked past a few streams that picked up power and energy as we got closer to our destination.

And finally (after only one detour to get lost briefly) we made it to the falls. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.


We were all impressed by the four side-by-side cascading falls and the powerful spray. So, so gorgeous!

Next week: wrapping up our time in Olympic with another waterfall, a lake, AND Hurricane Ridge all socked in with fog.

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