Bookish Treats for Mini Foodies

In slightly less than 18 months on the planet, my little bookworm has amassed quite the library.  The kid just flat-out loves books.


With all the reading we do (and all the time I spend picking up the books she leaves everywhere and putting them back on the shelves) I definitely notice patterns in the themes of the books we tend to acquire.  We have a lot of books featuring beloved characters (Angelina Ballerina, Olivia, Fancy Nancy, Babar, Madeline, Clifford…) and plenty of Dr. Seuss, but Peanut also has been amassing quite the collection of food-themed books.  Here are some of our favorite books for gastro-babies:

Foodie Babies Wear Bibs

Foodie Babies Wear Bibs, by Michelle Sinclair Colman – This installment in the Urban Babies Wear Black series of board books is too cute.  The “foodie babies” in the book have quite sophisticated palettes, but they’re still babies… so they get up to all kinds of mischief: raiding Dad’s backpack at the farmers’ market, tossing peas at Mom, feeding cookies to pigeons, and so forth.  The pictures have a kind of 1960s mod flair, the text is charming and witty, and the babies are a riot.

Minettes Feast

Minette’s Feast: The Delicious Story of Julia Child and Her Cat, by Susanna Reich – I bought this adorable story book when my pen-pal Katie was visiting, back when I was still expecting Peanut.  (It seemed appropriate to buy it while bookstore browsing with Katie; after all, the book As Always, Julia – a collection of letters between Julia Child and her pen-pal Avis de Voto – brought us together and inspired us to write one another.)  In the book, Minette – Julia’s mischievous poussiquette – takes a starring role as she judges all of Julia’s culinary concoctions.  Julia is inspired to attend Le Cordon Bleu, but will her newly acquired culinary skills impress Minette?  Or will Minette remain devoted to her favorite meal: mouse?  Peanut loves to flip the pages and announce “Cat!” each time Minette appears (which is every page, since, ya know, she’s the main character… but Peanut is surprised and delighted anew with every turn of the page).

Tiny Pie

Tiny Pie, by Mark Bailey and Michael Oatman; Recipe by Alice Waters – This is one of our favorite books in Peanut’s entire library, and a must for any parents who consider themselves fans of Food Network.  In fact, Peanut herself requests it all. the. time.  (“Ti Pi!  Ti Pi!  Ti Pi!”)  Ellie is a little elephant who can’t help but get underfoot at her parents’ sophisticated cocktail party.  She’s hungry, but no one is paying any attention to her.  Ellie follows her rumbly tummy into the kitchen, where she discovers a celebrity chef mouse hosting a cooking show.  The illustrations are sweet, the story is so creative, and the recipe for “tiny apple pies” in the back of the book – by culinary great Alice Waters! – looks delish.  I can’t wait until Peanut is big enough to cook with me; we’ll definitely be baking some tiny pie!

Tea Rex

Tea Rex, by Molly Idle – Every foodie needs a good entertaining manual.  Tea Rex will stand you in good stead… especially if you’re planning to host an elegant tea party with any prehistoric guests.  Molly Idle’s charming, hilarious guide to throwing a tea for a t-rex has every situation covered, from how to make small talk with a dinosaur to how to handle those little upsets… like Mr. Rex attempting to eat your brother’s stuffed bear.  Peanut has been taking notes for the next time she throws a party for a dinosaur.

(Psst – all images are sourced from Google.)

Do you have a favorite food-themed children’s book?  Do share!

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