It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? (March 14, 2016)


Whew, what a week.  I’ve been super stressed about a few different things, and trying to balance and cope with everything that’s going on (I won’t bore you with specifics) has taken a lot out of me.  But there’s some good stuff, too.  Nugget turned one on Friday and we hosted family and friends for his birthday party on Saturday.  I’ll share more about the party on Wednesday, but it was a hit.  I have been back on the Pinterest wagon recently (pinning is a good activity for 3:00 in the morning when I am rocking Nugget – yes, still) and I got a lot of good ideas for his party on there.  And more than just ideas – I pulled several of them off and felt rather pleased with myself as a result.  Saturday we were party central, and I just collapsed after it was all done and cleaned away.  My parents stuck around on Sunday and had a low key day playing with the kids.  So all things considered, we had a nice weekend.

the road to little dribbling the enchanted april

Just not a productive reading weekend.  Or productive reading week, for that matter.  See above: stress.  I’ve made progress in both The Road to Little Dribbling and The Enchanted April, but I’m not done with either of them just yet.  Little Dribbling continues to inform and entertain in true Bill Bryson style.  Man, I really love Bill Bryson.  Bryson is first and foremost a travel writer, but as several reviewers have noted, he’s actually at his best when he goes off on a tangent – which, luckily, he does often in his latest book.  It’s chock full of factoids and musings, and I love them all.  As for The Enchanted April, I’m about halfway through it, and I can see why it’s so beloved and such a favorite to actually read in April (maybe I should have waited…?).  I’ve been pulling it up on iBooks and reading a chapter here and a chapter there and while it’s not quite as good as an actual trip to Italy would be, that’s not in the cards for some years still, so for now, Elizabeth von Arnim will do.

When I’ve found myself getting dragged down a black hole of stress and anxiety – which has felt like about every ten minutes this week – I’ve been trying to refocus by thinking about what I’m going to read next.  I think my next book will be The Queen of the Night, which I have checked out from the library and which is due back by the 26th – and it’s long – so I have to get a move on.  But I also have the third and fourth books in Catherynne M. Valente’s Fairyland series out, and those are calling to me a little bit.

On the blog this week: a first birthday party recap on Wednesday, and back to Colorado (Denver this week!) on Friday.  Have a great week, my friends!

Did you get any good reading done this week?

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